Dawah Programs

With the reference to the word of Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) stated thus:

"Man as an object will continue to beautify his body skin by applying some kinds of perfumes, creams and other expensive soaps to bath, and wanted his skin to look beautiful as possibly as he could but he will left his soul uncatered for then it become rusting. People then asks,unlike iron or any other rustable substances, how can a man soul be rusting? And what are the things one can do to prevent the soul from rusting? The prophet then answered that in order to prevent the rusting of your souls, you have to continuosly listen to sermon and don't be hard-hearted" this is what brought the collection of sermons and other soul preventions mentioned by the Prophet Muhammed (S.A.W) called "Dawah" into existence.

Al-Usrah Inc. has different packages of Dawah for the Muslim Ummah which have impact in the life of each and evryone of Muslims attending to them.

Sunday Programme

Al - Usrah Inc. has her weekly lectures at the Al-Usrah Complex, where different lectures spanning Islamic, Social, Political and Business or Investment lectures are delivered by lecturers both in and out of Port Harcourt and abroard. Al-Usrah Welcomes all to her programmes without descrimination of Tribe, Religion nor of Social Status or Islamic sect. All lectures are packaged and tailored towards building a formidable serious Muslim (Ummah ) in a christian dominated society.

Lectures Starts: 10:am prompt and ends before Salat Zuhr.

Monthly Dawah Camp

The Monthly Dawah Camp take place at the Al-Usrah Mosque where various lectures are delivered and taught to would-be daii. The Camp starts on the last Friday (Jummuah) of every Lunar Month and ends on Sunday (Ahad) Morning before Al-Usrah Sunday Programme. This is a train the trainer's programme to prepare Brothers and Sisters for Islamic Propagation.

Quarterly Lectures

Al-Usrah Organizes quaterly Lecture on specifics topics by Inviting Lecturers from around the world to educate Muslim Brothers and Sisters within the Al-Usrah Complex.

Sisters Programme / Sisters Circle

Al-Usrah Organizes Women meets at the zonal level to discuss various topics on building an Ideal muslim home, raising children Islamically and various lectures to enhance and empower the muslim Women.

Ramadan Lectures

Al-Usrah Organizes special Lectures before, during and after Ramadan to enable Muslims reap the greatest reward from this Holy Month, lecturers are invited from and outside Port Harcourt to take part in this Programme in this Holy Month.

Adolescent/Youth Programme

Due to increasing presence of Muslims and their families and the growing numbers of Muslim children, this programme has been approved by the CWC to organize the Adolescence Programme which will take off in April 2007 Insha Allah. All parents and guardians are enjoined to bring their ward to the programme where they would be able to learn in details Islamic Principles & Practices

Annual Dawah Camp

Al-Usrah Organizes Annual Dawah Camp inviting different Islamic group from all the states in Nigeria. This annual Camp was usually hosted by a group in Houston and Al-Usrah. But in recent years, Al-Usrah have been hosting it alone. During this programme different lectures on the up-liftment of Islam were usually discussed with participants of about 150 Muslim Men and Women.


Such are some of the stories of the Unseen, which We have revealed unto thee: before this, neither thou nor thy People knew them. So persevere patiently: for the End is for those who are righteous. 11:49



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