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Al-Usrah Inc.

Al-Usrah traces its roots to the Muslim Students Society of Nigeria (MSSN) and was founded by a small group aiming to continue Dawah efforts in their new location. Initially launched in 1994 at Port Harcourt's Mile 1 Central Mosque, it grew gradually through public outreach and collaboration with organizations like the Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN). Eventually, due to a need for broader inclusivity beyond student-focused initiatives, the organization evolved and changed its name to Al-Usrah Community. The term "Usrah," meaning family in Arabic, symbolizes unity and collective purpose, reflecting a group dedicated to Islamic teachings and values. Al-Usrah facilitates weekly gatherings for study, self-reflection, and character development, following the Prophet's model. In 2000, it was officially registered as Al-Usrah Incorporated, solidifying its status as an Islamic organization.

Al-Usrah Programmes

A primary Dawah method, gathering diverse members weekly at the mosque. Structured into quarters, each with a thematic focus, it educates members on Muslim duties and obligations. The Sister Circle is a formable program which focus on developing our single and marriage sisters on Islamic principles and related marital issues. While the TV Programmes educates the publlic and discuss issues relating to Islam.

Sunday Halqah

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Sister Circle

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Radio & Television Programme

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We are all brothers to one another!

Taqwa is the struggle to better yourself according to Islam with each passing day...! Come. Let's learn together.

Al-Usrah Educational Support System

City Model is designed to dish out a well-balanced western and Islamic education to children in other to inculcate standard of morality and to groom them into a wholesome altruistic, forthright and God-fearing citizens. Philosophically, the school regards education as a trust from Almighty Allah and so must be impacted and made used of according to His will. These schools are open to all as we have other people of different faith bringing their children due to the beauty of the religion and high moral standards exhibit by her alumnis.

City Model Nursery & Pry

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City Model College

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City Model University

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Al-Usrah History

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Al-Usrah Orphanage Home

Al-Usrah as an organizaton has decided to house these children by gving them a place to stay. Our orphanage home is open and ready to takes care of kids who have lost their parents.

Orphans, Motherless, The Less privileged

Al-Usrah Orphanage Home (New)

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Aged Home

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Events and Functions

Ramadan Picnic

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Family Day

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Ramadan is Almost here once Again!

Have you completed your last Ramadan, my sisters? Lets start preparing for it. May Allah accept it from us!

Would you like to be a member of Al-Usrah, join our next visitations and learn more about Islam?

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