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Who we are

Al-Usrah symbolizes unity and collective purpose, reflecting a group dedicated to Islamic teachings and values. Al-Usrah facilitates weekly gatherings for study, self-reflection, and character development, following the Prophet's model. Initially launched in 1994 at Port Harcourt's Mile 1 Central Mosque. It grew gradually through public outreach and collaboration with organizations like the Muslim Corpers Association of Nigeria (MCAN). Eventually, due to a need for broader inclusivity beyond student-focused initiatives, the organization evolved and changed its name to Al-Usrah Community. In 2000, it was officially registered as Al-Usrah Incorporated, solidifying its status as an Islamic organization.

'Usrah' Meaning

Usrah is the Arabic word for FAMILY. With the prefix “Al” it means THE FAMILY. Arabic connotations of the word include a protective shield, and individuals joined together for a common cause. The term Usrah is interchangeable with “study circle,” or Halaqah. The social definition of Usrah has expanded to mean supporting and helping the individual to develop a better life by understanding and practicing Islamic teachings and values.

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Al-Usrah History

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Our Mission

mission is to strive in the cause of Islam, to seek the pleasure of Allah and ultimately, to achieve the supreme success of Paradise. Through selfless service, support network and Dawah activism, AL-USRAH has continued to live the mission of seeking the face of Allah and hoping to achieve the ultimate – Paradise.

Our Vision

Al-Usrah envisions the achievement of Khilafah by the entire Muslim Ummah throughout the world. Knowledge acquisition is germane to achieving this noble vision and this is why ALUSRAH in line with Man’s history from creation places premium on education; the blend of Islamic education through Dawah activism and secular knowledge to strike a balance for humanity to achieve the sole purpose of its creation..

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Board of trustees

Imam AbdurRazaq Kilani

Engr. Ibrahim Akiode

Alh. Moshood Idowu

Alh. Engr. Monsur Ahmed

Alh. Dan Asabe (Late)

Alh. Taiwo Mustapha

Alh. Fatai O. Akande

Hajia Rukayat Salahudeen

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