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One of the areas which AL-USRAH has invested lots of energy, time and resources is Education. AL-USRAH Dawah philosophy revolves round knowledge acquisition and dissemination which in fact is the bearer to man achieving his primary duty of vicegerency on earth.Education is a right for all individuals and the required moral duty of every capable Muslim. All able, intelligent and skilled individuals in an Islamic society are required to educate themselves not only in the basics of their religion but in necessary worldly affairs.

Nursery and Primary

AL-USRAH Inc. established the City Model Nursery and Primary School, Port Harcourt in 2000, defining its entry into Nigeria’s educational sector.

City Model is designed to dish out a well-balanced western and Islamic education to children in other to inculcate standard of morality and to groom them into a wholesome altruistic, forthright and God-fearing citizens. Philosophically, the school regards education as a trust from Almighty Allah and so must be impacted and made used of according to His will.

The school regards knowledge as an act of worship and submission to the will of Allah. The vision set for the school by the founding founders is to train Muslim children in accordance with Islamic teachings and norms along with the Nigeria Federal Ministry of Education guidelines.

The Nursery school comprises of Baby class, play Group and Kindergarten. It provides for babies of ages from 1 - 4 years. It is aimed at assisting the working class mothers or parents and also designed to catch the children’s mind at a tender age. The primary section impacts qualitative education through the ideological basis of tawheed. (Islamic Monotheism) and imbuing children with the fear of Allah as a sine qua non for success in life. It consists of Basic 1 - 6 with specially designed and packaged curriculum by distinguished educationist and experienced school administrators in line with the national policy on education.

Al-Usrah History

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In 2003, City Model Secondary school began with sixteen students and by 2008, it had grown to 95 students. In 2007, the school was accredited by West Africa Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO) as a center for the two examinations. The College section has done well in the exams conducted by both WAEC and NECO as most of the students have also secured admission to different Universities across the globe.

The school’s aim is to bridge the gap between Islamic and secular education, emphasizing the integration of both systems through an Islamic epistemological framework. Recognizing the crucial role of education in reforming society, the school seeks to address and rectify the flaws within the educational system.The secondary section spanning Basic 7 to 9 and SSS1 to SSS3, offers a comprehensive curriculum fostering a well-rounded education.

It focuses on instilling qualities such as leadership, initiative, and creativity while nurturing students to become principled, God-fearing, and responsible members of society, aligning with Islamic principles.

The board of directors

  1. a. Prof AbdulrazaqKilani- Board Chairman
  2. b. Alhaji Mas’udIdowu- Vice Chairman
  3. c. Alhaji Shuaib Sokunbi- Managing Director (MD)
  4. d. Alhaji Tajudeen Shobayo- Director of Finance
  5. e. Surveyor Bashir Quadri- Board Secretary.
  6. f. Alhaji Yekeen Adepoju – Deputy Managing Director (DMD)
  7. g. Engr Saheed Oloso

Ramadan is Almost here once Again!

Have you completed your last Ramadan, my sisters? Lets start preparing for it. May Allah accept it from us!

City Model University

City Model University (CMU) is proposed to be a faith-based conventional university opens to all faiths in Nigeria. The principle underlining this orientation is to create an avenue for reaching out to non-Muslims as well as creating an environment where best-in-class learning and knowledge sharing/exchange are promoted. City Model University is located along Awo road Iropora-Ekiti in Irepodun /Ifelodun Local Government Area Ekiti State. It spans over 135.786 hectares of land.

Masjid Projects

AL-USRAH modern Islamic centre comprises of the main masjid and a secretariat with guests rooms. The late Dr. Abdulateef Adegbite (former Secretary-General of Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs) described the centre as unbelievable. AL-USRAH has invested so much on physical structures to make the practice and propagation of Islam easy.

The Masjids

A masjid in the history of Islam has always been a place of worship, an institute, a court, and a parliament. All these were handed to us by our model and teacher Muhammad ibn Abdullah ( صلى الله عليه وسلم). The Haram, both in Mecca and Medina, served as the rallying point for the early Muslims and still serving as the center-point of Islamic unity. Having delivered the City Model Nursery and primary school, Members then agreed that the next project was the MASJID. This decision was taken in 2001 inside one of the classes in the primary section and the following were appointed as members of the building committee.
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